Product Care and Maintenance


Prior to Use:

Please always wash items prior to use. We have implemented the highest standard in hygiene practices and take a lot of care in handling all items. However, we ask that you always wash ALL the products you have ordered prior to using them.


Dishwasher safe products:

  • Messmate Silicone Bowl
  • Messmate Silicone Divider Plate
  • Matching Messmate 100% Silicone Spoons
  • Messmate Silicone Mini Cups and Straws


Handwash only

  • Messmate Silicone and Beechwood Spoon which is part of our Silicone Bowl Set


IMPORTANT: DO NOT SOAK WOOD in water this will cause splitting and cracking and will damage the integrity of the natural wood as with all timber products.


Microwave Safe:

  • Messmate Silicone Bowl
  • Messmate Silicone Divider Plate
  • Messmate Silicone Mini Cups


Do your silicone products stain?

To keep your products looking new, we advise you to not leave your items soaking in tomato-based sauces for over a 24-hour period. All products are tested to ensure the highest quality standard and we have not experienced any silicone staining ourselves, even with the use of dark sauces.

How do you clean the silicone straws?

Sterilise in hot water for 3-5 minutes and you can give the inside a good scrub using straw cleaners which are available at Kmart and other kitchen/home retailers.